During his official visit to Athens, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan set out detailed arguments about the need to ‘modernise’ and ‘revise’ the Treaty of Lausanne.

This is the Treaty that set the borders of a number of Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean countries, including those of Greece with Turkey. Although they definitely mark an escalation in Turkish demands, today's statements are not unprecedented, as Mr Erdoğan has previously raised the issue of amending that Treaty.

In answer to my earlier question (E-007516/2016), Commissioner Hahn stated that the European Union ‘urged Turkey to avoid any kind of threat or action directed against a Member State, or source of friction or actions that damage good neighbourly relations and the peaceful settlement of disputes.’

Will the Commission say:

How does it view the revisionist statements by the President of Turkey, a candidate for EU membership?

How does it intend to ensure that Turkey respects international law and international treaties, which form the basis for good neighbourly relations and shape the borders of the countries of the entire region in question?