Eva Kaili is a Greek Politician, Vice President of the European Parliament as of 2022. She is elected Member of the European Parliament with the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats since 2014. She is the first woman Chair of Science and Technology STOA Panel 2017-2022 and the Center for Artificial Intelligence.

As Vice President, Eva Kaili is the Chair for ICT Innovation Strategy, Informatics and Telecoms, has the responsibility of European Strategy and Policy Analysis Systems, Foresight, STOA, and Corporate Social Responsibility. She replaces the President with the European Business Associations, UN, OECD, WTO, and the region of Middle East. Furthermore, she is in the Industry Technology Research and Energy, Economic and Monetary Affairs, Budget, and the AIDA committee. She launched the C4AI and its International Advisory Board and established collaboration with the OECD Global Parliamentary Network in 2019. She was Chair of the Delegation of NATO_PA 2014-2019.

She was Awarded MEP of the year in 2018 in Digital Policy and ranked 1st in shaping EU Digital Policy in 2020 at the VoteWatch Influence Index, while she was 13th for developing multidimensional collaborations.

Eva Kaili led the first positive Blockchain Resolution of the EP in 2015 establishing a tech neutral and innovation-friendly approach. She was rapporteur for the Annual Tax Report and shadow rapporteur on Family businesses, Crowdfunding service providers, Industrial policy on AI and robotics, removing geo-blocking and discrimination, on fairness and transparency for Online Platform to Business relations.

She worked on the extension of the European Fund for Strategic Investments since 2017 and is the standing S&D rapporteur of the opinion on InvestEU, a powerful programme of Next Generation EU Recovery and Resilience Fund to trigger 372 billion investments with a guarantee of 26 bln, to boost sustainable investment, innovation, and job creation till 2027. Recently she worked on Cybersecurity NIS2, the first Pilot Regime for market infrastructures on Blockchain distributed ledger technology, on Fuels for the Maritime sector and Competition policy for EU.

Eva Kaili is the President of the EU40 Network of MEPs. She is a member of the AI and Blockchain Advisory Board of OECD and a Digital Leader for Europe by the World Economic Forum and a member of its Blockchain Council. She is a member of the Global Council on Extended Intelligence of IEEE Standards Association and MIT Media Lab, designing systems that integrate humans and machines prioritising ideals, people, and the planet over profit and productivity for a Good Future globalcxi.org.

A member of the European Council on Foreign Relations ECFR and ELONtech. Chaired the Task Force for Blockchain and Collaborative Economy at CEPS. Sits at the Advisory Board of Cybersecurity Skills Summit by IGF, the AI International Accord by the Boston Global Forum, the STS Forum of Japan, the Allied for Startups, and is also a GBBC Ambassador.
Politico Europe 2018 included her among "Women who Shape Brussels" of the "Tech MEPs gang, the leading MEPs addressing the digital revolution". Der Spiegel named her one of the best representatives of EU citizens, a "Foresightful politician" and "brave" during the economic crisis in Greece and one of its “People of the Year 2011”.

Before she was elected MEP, Kaili served in Greece as an advisor to a Media and Business Group, the Pharmaceutical Industry Association and at the Ministry of Interior as Chair of the Gender Equality Center. She was a Member of the Hellenic Parliament 2007-2012 with PASOK. She presented the news at the biggest Greek tv channel Mega 2004-2007.

Eva Kaili conducts her PhD on International Economic Policy. She did an AI course at the Oxford Internet Institute in 2019. She has a master’s in international and European Affairs from the University of Piraeus. She holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and Civil Engineering in Thessaloniki and studied at the Lab of Journalism in Athens.

Eva Kaili
Vice President of the European Parliament