Commissioner Moscovici, in the last point of his answer to written question Ε-014954/2015 regarding non-performing loans and the protection of primary residences, points out that the relevant provisions: ‘foresee that, in the case of particularly vulnerable borrowers, their instalment payments, as determined by the court ruling on their petition, be complemented by the state’.

However, in a scandalous move, the SYRIZA government has all but sanctioned the seizure of primary residences for outstanding debts to municipalities or even traffic offences amounting to EUR 3 000 or EUR 4 000. It is surprising that the government, despite agreeing with the Troika on the instruments necessary to protect primary residences, is now going back on its word.

In view of this:

Can the Commission indicate the ways in which the Greek Government could assist vulnerable borrowers with their instalment payments?

Did the Greek Government make use of these instruments and, if so, what amount did it make available for instalment payments?

Can vulnerable borrowers still apply for assistance to protect their primary residences and, if so, how?