With its ruling on unpaid interns in the EEAS delegations, the European Ombudsmen has created a clear precedent on quality internships in the EU institutions. The answer to question E-004895/2017 indicates the number of unpaid interns in the Commission is rising, but failed to provide total numbers per year that would allow to better assess the scope of the problem. The high number of unpaid interns in certain DG’s points at potential use of young people as cheap labour forces. Moreover, contrary to what the Commission claims, unpaid interns are being actively recruited by certain DG’s.

Building on written questions E-004895/2017, we ask the Commission:

What is the total number of unpaid interns taken on by each DG of the Commission in each of the years 2014, 2015, 2016?

Does the Commission agree that the current system of unpaid internships, with very high numbers in certain DG’s, is a bad practice that needs to be changed? Is the Commission undertaking steps in this direction?

How will the Commission ensure transparent and fair recruitment process for all its interns, seen that certain DG’s are actively recruiting unpaid interns?