Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in a public address to the Greek people after the agreement had been concluded, said that he had been presented with a text showing the devastating consequences of ‘Grexit’.

This text is a very important source of information about the consequences of a return to the national currency — consequences that are unclear and unknown to most Greek citizens. The issue assumes even greater political importance, given that Greek citizens had to vote in a referendum without fully understanding the consequences of a possible exit from the eurozone. It is therefore particularly important that the official bodies of the EU should issue a briefing on this subject since Greek citizens have no other source of relevant information from the Greek State.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:

Does the text of the briefing given to the Greek Prime Minister on the possible consequences of Greece’s exit from the eurozone exist?

If so, what is the content of this text?

Will it publish this text so that Greek citizens receive an official assessment of the consequences of an instantaneous switch of currency?

Answer given by Vice-President Dombrovskis on behalf of the Commission

Throughout the negotiations towards the new stability support programme for Greece, the Commision has been in a continous and very close contact with the Greek authorities at all levels, with the view to help ensure a successful return of Greece to financial stability, jobs and growth, to prosper in the euro area.

The Commission has published the full set of documents related to the new macroeconomic programme for Greece without delay and in the spirit of transparency on 20 August 2015(1).