RC-B8-0885/2016 , B8-0885/2016 , B8-0886/2016 , B8-0892/2016 , B8-0893/2016 , B8-0894/2016 , B8-0895/2016 , B8-0896/2016

in writing. ‒ I have voted in favour of the motion for a resolution regarding the Commission’s work programme for 2017, as it will push the EU to maintain its focus and resources on the current priorities and crises we have been facing. Creating growth and employment while protecting our social rights is only one of them. Additionally the creation of a pan-European fair tax regime and the establishment of fair-trade agreements should be part of the priorities. Lastly, but most importantly the management of the refugee and migration crisis along with the security of the EU people is, by definition, substantial for the coming year.