On 21st November 2017, the European Parliament Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) office hosted its annual lecture, chaired by Eva KAILI, MEP and STOA Chair and introduced by Carlos MOEDAS, European Commissioner for Research, Science & Innovation.

The Keynote Lecture: How AI and algorithms manage flows of information was delivered by Nello Cristianini, professor of Artificial Intelligence, at the University of Bristol, UK.

Then followed a panel debating what happens to information in the age of AI, moderated by David Wheeldon, Sky TV, channel. The panellists included Michail Bletsas, Director of Computing at MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, Massachussets, USA, and Michiel Kolman, International Publishers Association & Elsevier, Andreas Vlachos, University of Sheffield, UK, as well as Jon Steinberg, public policy and government relations manager at Google, London, UK, and Richard Allan, vice-president public policy EMEA, Facebook, London, UK.

Subsequently, the audience saw a collaborative case study of algorithms in action, presented by Yannis Kliafas, general manager at Athens Technology Center, Athens Greece. and Wilfried Runde, head of innovation projects at Deutsche Welle, Germany.

The annual lecture is also the occasion for announcing the launch of the European Science-Media Hub, which has been championed by Austrian MEP Paul Rübig, who is the first STOA Vice-Chair.

The objective of this new initiative is to support communication between scientists, the media and wider society by supporting greater science literacy and supporting the work of media professionals by providing a central point of contact across Europe. Further details will be announced at later stage.

The full stream is available here

Source: https://www.euroscientist.com/media-age-artificial-intelligence/