Written declaration, under Rule 136 of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, on electronic health records
1. The digital revolution is set to transform the healthcare sector, and Europe must act decisively in order to fully unlock the potential of digital healthcare.
2. Electronic health records are comprehensive medical records detailing the past and present state of health of individuals in electronic form. They provide readily available data that can be used in the context of medical treatment. This electronically held personal health data can be used and analysed to achieve major improvements in diagnosis, treatment, quality of care and patient satisfaction.
3. However, in most Member States, much of patients’ personal health data remains fragmented in numerous paper-based systems and on isolated digital platforms.
4. The Commission and the Council are therefore invited to:
– study the possibility of creating a mature and interoperable environment for electronic health records across the European Union, while respecting patients’ rights to privacy and data protection;
– call on the Member States to further the uptake and use of electronic health records.
5. This declaration, together with the names of the signatories, is forwarded to the Council and the Commission.