Written declaration, under Rule 136 of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, on chronic respiratory diseases
1. Respiratory allergy, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are among the most prevalent chronic diseases, adversely affecting patients’ quality of life, and costing over EUR 300 billion annually.
2. To decrease the economic burden on national healthcare systems, and ensure a high level of protection of citizens’ health, it is necessary to:
(a) increase prevention and timely and accurate diagnosis by:
– combating known risk factors such as smoking and environmental aspects;
– strengthening respiratory education for medical students and primary care physicians;
– systematising lung health and allergy tests as part of the existing free health checks for all those at risk of developing chronic respiratory disease;
(b) ensure access for all diagnosed patients to reimbursed state-of-the-art therapy as per international guidelines (ARIA, GINA, GOLD);
(c) guarantee rehabilitation (hospitalised or ambulant) using any required multidisciplinary intervention to keep people in the workforce and in their own homes for as long as possible.
3. The Commission is called upon to boost research into the causes of chronic respiratory diseases.
4. The Commission and the Council are encouraged to share best practices and study the possibility of a comprehensive strategy for meeting the challenges posed by chronic respiratory diseases.
5. This declaration, together with the names of the signatories, is forwarded to the Commission and the Council.