The adoption by the Greek Government of the Katrougalos law (Law No 4387/2016), and in particular Article 12 ‘Survivors’ allowance’, directly affects a particularly vulnerable group which is already trying to comes to terms with the loss of a loved one. Among other things, it stipulates the age at which a widow’s pension may be received, requiring that people be married for longer, while reducing the amount awarded to the surviving spouse. At the same time, it abolishes the personal supplement to which the deceased may be entitled based on years of work and social security contributions.

The EU Treaty and the Charter of Fundamental Rights prohibits age discrimination yet clearly respects family and labour protection, as well as the entitlement to social security benefits and social services providing protection.
Can the Commission say:
1. Does Law No 4387/2016 of the Greek Government constitute a breach of the above criteria?
2. What view does the Commission, as guardian of the Treaties, take with regard to equality between European citizens and equal treatment, and does it feel that measures are necessary to rectify matters?