Wind farms which generate electricity by the use of wind turbines are steadily gaining ground, since, apart from the obvious environmental benefits of not emitting pollutant gases, they are able, as international experience has shown, to contribute to the economic development of the areas where they are installed. In this context, it was decided in 2014 to build wind farms on the Cycladic islands, but this plan is being hampered by the opposition of local communities and bodies which have appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court in a bid to thwart this investment.

This opposition to wind farms is centred on the fact that they may spoil the unique landscape of the islands and affect their popularity as a tourist destination, but it means that one more investment which could have multiple environmental and economic benefits is being blocked.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:

Will it cooperate with the Greek authorities on the adoption of certain basic standards regarding such installations so as to allow the development of the local and national economy while ensuring that the landscape is not spoilt?

Can the Commission take steps to provide expertise to Greece from countries, such as Denmark, that have developed alternative floating wind turbines which do not aesthetically affect the coastline and meet a substantial portion of energy needs?