Owing to the migratory crisis, the last few years have seen a recrudescence of diseases such as measles and meningitis, which until recently had disappeared thanks to the vaccination of the population; indeed, there have been a number of fatalities.

According to World Health Organisation data, the number of cases of measles in Europe in 2018 was unprecedented. More than 41 000 people became infected during the first six months of the year and 37 died. 80% of those who catch measles are totally unvaccinated. In Greece, where there have been 4 deaths from the disease, the law on the compulsory vaccination of children and infants for enrolment in schools, which is the only means by which the State can put pressure on parents to vaccinate, has very significant shortcomings. This strengthens the anti-vaccination movement and encourages parents to join it. The Ministries of Health and Education, the ministries responsible, are washing their hands of this whole business and, by failing to adopt a clear and definite position, are aggravating the situation. But the consequences are serious.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:

How does the EU intend to tackle the serious issue of the anti-vaccination movement and its consequences and the recrudescence of the above diseases in Europe?

Does the refusal by parents to vaccinate their children constitute a violation of a child’s fundamental right to health?