In addition to their other tribulations, the long-suffering Greek people are now being subjected to the unprecedented legal ramifications of the Paraskevopoulos Law and the extended implementation thereof by the Greek Government and the ministers responsible.

Under this law, dangerous criminals are becoming eligible for early release instead of being required to serve their full sentence. This is despite a tragic incident that occurred in Germany no more than two years ago and sent shockwaves through Europe.

It involved the rape and murder of a 19-year-old girl by an Afghan migrant released from a Greek prison under the Paraskevopoulos Law despite having been found guilty of previously attempting to commit a similar offence.
In view of this:
— Is the EU aware of the Paraskevopoulos Law and does it approve, given previous efforts to reinforce security within the Schengen area by stepping up cooperation and coordination between police forces and judiciaries?
— If so, what action will it take to fulfil its role as guardian of the Treaties and safeguard fundamental EU values in future, so as to prevent the release of convicted criminals or terrorists?