In mid-September, Odysseas Voudouris, the Greek General Secretary for Initial Reception and Identification, resigned about five months after being appointed.

In an interview he complained that Norway spent less money than Greece and ‘the average cost of a refugee in Norway annually is about 12 000 euros. In Greece it is 15 000 euros.’

Meanwhile, Natasha Bertaud, the Commission spokeswoman on refugees, said on 20/09/2016 that the Commission was expected to send an expert to provide expertise to the authorities on how to manage these funds (for refugees).

In view of the above, will the Commission say:
— Does it have any information in relation to the mismanagement of the funds for refugees in Greece? If so, what information?
— Will it adopt a mechanism to control the cost per refugee so as to curb mismanagement and publish the number of employees in the respective structures and NGOs and their salaries?
— As regards the system for granting funding to appropriate NGOs, does a control mechanism exist to evaluate their projects and their efficient use of the appropriate funds?