The agricultural sector is at the crossroads of its evolutionary course to meet the needs for sustainable products, in an ever-growing human population, while protecting the environment.

The six largest agrotechnology companies are merging as, according to them, the combination of their expertise will enable them to provide a better service to producers and consumers.

However, the three new companies which will emerge will control 70% of the world's agrochemical sector and 60% of seed production. There is a real danger that prices will rise and that variety and product innovation will be reduced. Consequently, the dependency of farmers, consumers and States on the three companies which will form the biggest oligopoly in history will increase.

In view of the above:

Does the Commission guarantee that the mergers will lead to cheaper and more efficient products for farmers in the future, products which will also be safe for consumers and the environment?

Does the Commission guarantee that the mergers will not distort competition through abuse of a dominant position and cartel development?