Regarding the risk of exposure to extreme cold in refugee camps in Greece, especially on the islands, Commission representative Natasha Bertaud described the situation as untenable, pointing out that the provision of adequate facilities and the management of refugee centres in Greece was primarily the responsibility of the Greek authorities. She underlined that the Commission was closely monitoring the situation, having already identified the need for additional refugee centres on islands, adding that it was doing everything in its power to assist the Greek authorities and was ready to provide financial and technical support.

In view of this:

1. What pressure has the Commission brought to bear on the Greek authorities to date regarding refugees’ living conditions?
2. What steps is it taking to ‘monitor the situation closely’, in line with Ms Bertaud’s affirmations, particularly with regard to the transparent and effective use of EU funds?
3. What immediate action will it take, given the urgency of the situation and the serious risk to the lives of many refugees forced to brave the harsh winter in tents?