We are already almost half way through the 2014 — 2020 programming period and negotiations for the next period, 2021 — 2027, are scheduled to begin this June, but the Greek Government is lagging far behind in meeting the take-up targets for EU funds allocated to the NSRF 2014 — 2020, especially with regard to programmes relating to business/entrepreneurship.

The ‘Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ (EPAnEK) Operational Programme of February 2016 unveiled the first four new actions. The proposals of potential investors were submitted in May 2016. The projects/submissions for two programmes have NOT YET been evaluated, while definitive lists of approved projects have not yet been published for the other two. The take-up rate is therefore zero.

Given the importance of the NSRF 2014 — 2020 as a key tool for promoting entrepreneurship and growth in Greece, will the Commission say:

1. What are the reasons for zero take-up of the funds earmarked for growth and entrepreneurship? What is its position and that of the relevant services as regards the failure to take up valuable resources by the Greek Government and its respective structures/services tasked with implementing EPAnEK?
2. How does it intend to respond so as to ensure the proper functioning of the NSRF 2014-2020 which is needed for the vital task of promoting entrepreneurship in Greece?