In recent years, investment funds from outside the European Union have been purchasing short-term lease properties in European capitals, mainly in southern Europe, in order to benefit from ‘residence by investment’ schemes.

This raises a number of questions regarding not only golden visas and their implications but also rent levels. According to a recent Telegraph article, the cheapest golden visas in Europe are obtainable in Greece at a cost of EUR 250 000, resulting in rent hikes and evictions on a massive scale, while the number of online short-term lets has increased from 9 000 to 129 000 in recent years.

In view of this:

Can the Commission say what supervisory authority is responsible for recording the issuing of golden visas at national (Greek) and European level?

What compensatory mechanisms are being proposed to prevent property prices rising beyond the means of local residents?

What plans exist to regulate the issuing of golden visas at European level?