Tourism generates more than 10 % of the EU’s GDP and provides jobs for almost 10 million citizens employed by some 1.8 million companies. Tourism offers a variety of direct and indirect employment opportunities in almost all sectors of the national economy.

However, experts fear that Europe’s market share will fall over time, with other favoured tourist destinations overtaking its position a few years from now.

The European tourism industry is facing increasing competition from Southeast Asia and the Middle East, which are attracting a growing number of tourists. Competition could threaten Europe’s market share, which currently stands at around 52 %. If this trend continues, Europe’s market share is expected to fall to 41 % by 2030, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

In the light of the incredibly high unemployment rate in the Mediterranean countries, especially among young people, and in view of the need to strengthen the competitiveness of European tourism, will the Commission answer the following question:

1. Does it intend to establish a European Tourist Board?