Madam President, in general I am aligned to the principles of this report and also the proposed actions which should be taken into account in the planning of the European energy security strategy. But, in this respect, it is necessary to stress the role of energy efficiency as a new energy source and of further renewables, since they contribute both to the increase of EU energy security and to the transition to a low carbon economy. Since in the EU we are always concerned with the diversification of energy sources, let me just underline the importance of the Trans-Adriatic pipeline, which is a project that is almost under construction in the Southern Gas Corridor and has already been selected to transport diversified gas supplies to Europe. In addition, the discovery of significant gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean offers us potential for a future supply from indigenous energy sources. So we should pay special attention to these new discoveries. I believe that we cannot build energy security without investing in our own resources. We should also work on the stability of the area and the continuity of research.