Despite various measures taken by Member States to promote gender equality, women continue to be under-represented both in national governments and parliaments and in the European bodies. Policies therefore need to be adopted and radical measures taken to address this issue. Typically, in the European Parliament, women still hold under 35% of the seats, although they make up about 52% of the population.

In some Member States, such as Italy, it is recommended that the names of men and women candidates should alternate on lists of candidates in elections. This is to ensure the equal representation as far as possible of men and women as representatives in the elected governing bodies.
Will the Commission say:
1. Does it consider that the proposed measure could be extended to help promote gender equality in the European elections?
2. Could it include such a measure in its gender equality strategy in the elections, on a par with the European obligation not to exclude parties that have cleared the 5% threshold from the national electoral system in the European elections?
3. How will it create incentives for Member States to move in this direction?