Millions of EU tourists are now choosing to travel on low-cost airlines, which are making a particularly important contribution to countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy and other major tourist destinations. Companies such as Ryanair are seeking to reduce airport fees or at least avoid increases. In the meantime, the Ryanair Chief Commercial Officer has now indicated that operations in Greece will be cut by 2% in 2017 because of high airport fees. The Fraport company, which operates 14 provincial city airports in Greece, has already announced a EUR 13 increase in airport fees, which has been ratified by joint ministerial decision.

In view of this:
1. Can the Commission say what steps it intends to take with a view to establishing a common policy regarding airport fees, developing the tourism sector and ensuring the free and unrestricted movement of people within the EU?
2. What policies will it recommend for the development of tourism aimed at citizens of third countries and also partner countries?