Under the Greek Constitution, responsibility for the issuing of broadcasting licences on the basis of objective criteria rests with an independent authority (the NCRTV) and not the Government. However, the Greek Government, having created an emergency situation by arbitrarily discharging NCRTV executives whose appointments were due to run until the new authority was approved by a qualified majority vote in Parliament, used this as a pretext to assume control of the licensing procedure, which was conducted on the basis of purely financial criteria, disregarding the overall business plans submitted by applicants.

As indicated by the Commission in reply to a previous question, while the licensing procedures are not harmonised at European level, proceedings have been initiated before the Greek courts concerning compliance with the Greek Constitution and European Law with regard to the auctioning of licences.

In view of this:

What action will the Commission take and when, given that, under Greek law, unlicensed television broadcasters will be required to cease their activities within 90 days of entry into effect of the decision, possibly precluding any moves by the broadcasters affected to seek a reprieve?

What action is being taken by the European Union to fill existing gaps and loopholes in EC law and what deadlines have been set for this?