rapporteur . Madam President, I would like to thank colleagues for taking the floor and for their contributions. I am especially grateful to the shadow rapporteurs, who made this annual tax report the most political until now, for setting priorities. We will keep working for more common policy initiatives.

Unfortunately there is also a set of subjects on which we did not all find common ground, such as environmental issues and other indicators relating to the potential to generate growth and jobs, as well as the issue of protecting and defending whistleblowers – thanks to whom we know how the system works.

Allow me also to thank Commissioner Moscovici for his commitment, for listening to us, and for saying that he will present more initiatives by June of this year. Thank you very much, Commissioner. I would also ask the Council to listen to us, as Parliament now has a clear, coherent and to-the-point position in this report, which sets the basis for a relevant, timely, fair, transparent, socially responsible and business-friendly tax policy for the EU.

Thank you all, and I hope that we will keep working together to move things forward in the near future.