The criteria set out in the EU’s annual progress reports on Albania include, among others, the respect of minority rights as a prerequisite for the continuation of Albania’s accession process. Albania normally seeks to meet this criterion, at the least, through a framework-law, which does not however resolve any problems, while the relevant provisions of said legislation, and the practices adopted (demolitions, prohibitions, etc.), cause yet more problems for the Greek minority.

In view of this:

1.     How will the Commission address the issue arising for the Greek minority and the fact that Albania is the only country that defines minorities on a geographical basis? Will the Commission request relevant adjustments to the upcoming implementing laws?
2.     As the guardian of EU Treaties and the principles that ensure their compliance and implementation, does the Commission deem it appropriate to discuss these practices with Albania, and on what basis?
3.     Is the Commission aware of any other cases of geographical determination for minorities?