Turkey and President Erdoğan in particular have in recent weeks adopted a highly aggressive stance towards the EU as a whole which has taken the form of a verbal onslaught by the president and constant violations of Greece’s air and maritime borders. The above behaviour may be intended to heighten Turkish citizens’ sense of security and create a wave of support for the president in the run-up to the crucial referendum in April; nevertheless, his repeated references to a possible unilateral abrogation of the agreement on refugees and the problems that would result from such a move are a source of great concern.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:

In the event of a further escalation of tension with Turkey, what plans does the EU have to address the threat presented by Erdoğan and the possible need to take emergency care of hundreds of thousands of refugees?

Is the above behaviour compatible with a continuation of the Turkey’s accession negotiations with the EU?