Given the unresolved issues that have resulted from the ongoing wave of immigration to Europe and the efforts to collectively resolve these issues for the benefit of the EU and its citizens, the Greek Ministry of the Interior is taking action for the simplification and acceleration of the procedure for the acquisition of Greek nationality, which will have a future impact on the entire demographic range of the Union. However, at the same time, it delays and is incapable of safely welcoming even unaccompanied children.

The Commission is asked:

Will it endanger the European identity of EU citizens by allowing the Greek state to promote simplified and shortened procedures for the acquisition of Greek nationality, with the risk of irreparable errors being committed?

As custodian of the EU and of European heritage, how does it intend to safeguard and protect them from the consequences of an indirect and, to a great extent, uncontrolled ‘opening’ of European society?

What is the strategy for harmonisation and control of the procedures for the acquisition of an EU ID, when each country can change said procedures at will and for its own benefit?