"Madam President,

despite the mistakes made by governments, and the experiments with tough austerity, the Greeks are still paying their bills with dignity, making sacrifices and respecting the rules of the game, because we have mutual respect for the 28 people. All people, Mr Prime minister, all of the people in Greece want to change Greece, and Europe, but from inside, from the core of the Eurozone, you have the support of all the parties, you have to extend beyond your party duties, to defend the national interests, and close your accounts with the past, because Europe IS changing, with the € 315 bln Juncker Programme, and with our allies we are changing for growth in Europe, in Greece within the Euro, fighting against austerity, so that we don't go from the claws of the IMF to the teeth of Drachma, we don't want to risk that.

The European family is showing solidarity, it protects its children, and it protects them in difficult times. Aléxis, here, in this House, we have friends, people who fight alongside us ; inside, it's only together we can face our common enemies, our common enemies for our common future ; because, yes, it's democracy, but it's also Europe.

Thank you."

You can watch the video here.