Developing 5G telecommunications systems and services for faster, more efficient, safer and more stable online interactivity is expected to create millions of jobs in the EU and to have a horizontal impact on the automotive industry, medical care, transport with applications to everyday activities (e.g. smart cities, new manufacturing systems, smart power systems) and a huge number of other economic sectors.

This issue lies at the heart of the EU's objective to develop innovation, create new jobs and restart the economy. However, some Member States are unable to move as fast as others, either because of lack of investment, or for reasons of national military interest or because of their geographical location and the need for coordination with neighbouring third countries.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:
1. What is the precise timetable for the development of 5G technology, from today's perspective?
2. How does it plan to prevent those countries that need more time for reasons of national defence being left behind technologically?
3. Will it show flexibility over the development of 5G in individual regions of those countries that are forced to lag behind?