A8-0256/2016 - Ivo Belet

in writing. - At first reading Parliament supported a uniform application of common technical requirements for inland waterway vessels in the European Union in view of ensuring a high level of safety and efficiency in inland navigation. It was also in favour of a swift adaptation of standards to scientific and technical progress taking into account standards developed by international organisations, in particular by CESNI (European Committee for drawing up standards in inland navigation) to be established within the auspices of the Central Commission for the navigation on the Rhine. Parliament also requested a periodic three-year review of the Directive to assess the mechanisms of cooperation with the international organisations concerned.

In order to ensure coherence with other pieces of EU legislation, in particular with Directive 2014/94/EU on the deployment of alternative fuels, Parliament called for the adoption of delegated acts to introduce technical requirements for vessels powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).