A8-0159/2016 - Ramon Luis Valcarcel Siso

in writing. - The report of Ramon Luis Valcarcel Siso on Cohesion policy and research and innovation has been focusing on the importance of certain aspects of our policies that I align with. At a time of economic recession and resulting budget constraints, and in an increasingly competitive global environment, it is crucial that the European Union keep improving its capacity to innovate.

The rapporteur is of the opinion that RIS3 strategies are a valuable tool to tackle the innovation gap, and boost jobs and growth in Europe. For the time being, we can see that creation of the strategies still leaves room for changes to be made. Public authorities should try to pay special attention to the monitoring and review of the strategies in order to maximise its output on the one hand, and interregional cooperation on the other hand, in order to develop ambitious projects that create added value for the economy. Simplification, as well as coordination of the existing programmes, is also essential in contributing to a good implementation of those strategies in the years to come.